Happy Birthday USA !?! Of all nations you are truly unique. On July 4th 1776 our founding mothers and fathers declared independence for a nation indivisible, where the power of a people undivided would manifest as a tangible beacon of the eternal and radiant qualities of freedom, justice, and equality. How you doing 239 years later?

Jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Plato stated there could be no justice in a society that required laws. Eisenhower warned us in the fifties of a military industrial complex out of control. Does it really need to be stated in 2015 that black lives matter? What are we missing?

This site is dedicated to the men and women who have sacrificed immeasurably to make our country free and the people who stand beside them to help them reclaim their lives. You raised your right hand because even before your brain was fully developed you knew on some level that the principles our national colors represent were worth more than your individual life, liberty, and happiness. Collectively we sacrifice our youth and offer up what is best in humanity to these principles. Perhaps the independence that needs to be celebrated and cultivated now is that between our personal faith, and the government we tend to protect those principles upon. Perhaps a more personal interpretation and intimate relationship with these principles is necessary.

If you can still eat an all-American hot dog, find joy in a parade, and enjoy red white, and blue smoke blown up your ass I salute you. However if you’re spending another holiday isolated with a shame that does is not your own and fireworks explode only with hypocrisy you may be ready for more than public masturbation on internal combustion machines and gunpowder. Let the bewildered masses have their fun, your faith and courage is once again being called upon.

Reclaiming your song on the other side of warriorhood is the fight of one’s life. If I had known ahead of time how much effort it would require to reclaim the faculties of soul stripped from me through military conditioning and trauma I would never of gone there. However, times are different now. The spiritual support available for those willing to grow is unprecedented. I trust there are those of great faith, courage, and intelligence who will answer this call.

My reputation for going to the shadow first and fast has many new age lightweights and old paradigm patriots alike view me like a dentist at a cotton candy party. I can’t help it. I signed up when I was seventeen to protect our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, and I’m still gunning for the truth. Its my intention on this day to drum up a big dose of it for the values I am still dedicated to and the country I still love.

Laying down your life for comrades and not having the option to move away from danger does something to a person. One of the essential truths of our time is that veterans have a powerful gift to offer. This seems to escape the awareness of most mainstream success and enlightenment experts whose own views seem to be dimmed by the mind-numbing fawning of sound-byte culture. Thich Nhat Hanh is an exception. Veterans are truly “the light at the tip of the candle.”

To the disappointment of those on holiday in Hollywood, the gaming industry, and perhaps all those who haven’t been there, our nation is poised to realize violence is actually not cool, no one desires peace more than a warrior, and that the emphasis must now be on the song. In the words of Ferdinand Koch, the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. Are you ready?

E. William Swan Santa Fe, New Mexico USA Independence Day 2015